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17th Edition of International Crop Science Conference & Exhibition (ICSCE 2023)

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The Pesticides Manufacturers & Formulators Association of India (PMFAI) is organizing the “17th Edition of International Crop Science Conference & Exhibition (ICSCE 2023)” scheduled to be hosted from 16 to 17 February, 2023 in Dubai. PMFAI is a national association representing Agrochemicals / Pesticide Industry with 221 large, medium and small-scale Indian Agrochemical industries as our members, existing from the year 1967.

The ICSCE 2023 will showcase opportunities for the growth of the Agrochemical & Allied chemical industry and is a single platform for all, both domestic and international players other allied group of companies to interact, thereby providing potential for exchange of businesses and knowledge enter into contract manufacturing or R& D, in a mutually beneficial way.

ICSCE is one of the biggest and only exclusive agri Inputs conference and exhibition which includes Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides and other pesticide and intermediates (solvents, surfactants, intermediates etc.), fertilizer, agrochemical packaging and seeds. The event is organized with an objective to promote  agri inputs industry at global level and to bring manufacturers, traders, researchers from global agrochemical and allied industry under one platform, providing opportunity to meet and network with buyers & sellers from all over the world.

Who could be interested in participation:

· Agrochemical Manufacturers, Formulators & Importers Includes insecticide, fungicide, herbicide,  
· Biological Agri inputs includes Biochemical pesticides, Bio stimulant, Bio Fertilizers Microbial pesticides
· Allied Chemicals includes raw materials for agrochemicals, solvents, surfactant, formulating agents and specialty chemical.

- Others: Research laboratories, packaging material, technological solution providers and those directly -indirectly associated with agri inputs.

More information is available on : www.pmfaiindia.org

For more details on Sponsorship, Booth Booking and Delegate Registration, please contact events@pmfaiindia.org

You may also contact the Commercial Wing of the Embassy of India, Rome through its email IDs ie com.rome@mea.gov.in,  com2.rome@mea.gov.in and commercial1.rome@mea.gov.in

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