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ISA Solar E-Mobility Webinar Invite

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The International Solar Alliance Secretariat (ISA) is scheduled to organize a Webinar titled ‘Solar and É-mobility -Charging for Change’ to be held from 1500 to 16.30 hrs (IST) on 20th September, 2022.

The main focus of the webinar is on Vehicle Integrated PV Sector : Technical and Regulatory Aspects.

Expected outcomes of the webinar are the following;

I. Learning techno-economic viability aspects of VIPV sector and industry perspective through select case studies and business models
II. Review of technical, policy, and regulatory challenges encountered by the VIPV sector stakeholders
III. Recommendations proposed by each category of the stakeholder community
IV. Building consensus on the Way Forward steps

For online registration you may please visit the following link:


You may also contact the Commercial Wing of the Embassy of India, Rome through its e-mail IDs ie com.rome@mea.gov.in, com2.rome@mea.gov.in and  commercial1.rome@mea.gov.in.

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