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Defence Wing
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e-mail: def.rome@mea.gov.in

  • Based on the identified defence potential of Italy, the Defence Wing was established in the Embassy in 1987. Since Italy has a diversified defence sector which caters notably to the needs of Army, Navy and Air Force, the assignment of the Defence Attachè was conceived in the tri-service model.

  • The defence cooperation and friendship, not with standing, India has a huge "footprint" on Italian soil because of the supreme sacrifice made by Indian Soldiers during the Second world war and for the sake of freedom in Italy. By 1945, a total of 5782 Indian soldiers died in Italy with as many as six of them receiving the VICTORIA CROSS (more details).

  • The Indian Soldiers commemorated in Italy during the Second World War are spread over 40 cemeteries in Italy, the major ones being at Cassino, Arezzo, Florence, Forlì, Sangro River and Rimini. Download the book, published by the Embassy in September 2007, which is a tribute to the young Indian Soldiers who fought with bravery far away from home.