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Surveillance & Electro-optics India, 22 March 2024, New Delhi

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The Centre for Joint Warfare Studies (a MoD think tank) and Indian Military Review are organizing a seminar and exhibition on “Surveillance & Electro-Optics” on 22 March, 2024 at New Delhi.

The rapidly evolving landscape of military surveillance and electrooptics demands a collaborative platform where armed forces, defense industry professionals, and researchers can converge to explore the latest advancements,share insights, and foster innovation. To focus on this need, the event will include Terrestrial, Aerial and Space-based, Maritime and Underwater Surveillance, and Research & Development within the realm of military surveillance and electro-optics.

3. The primary objectives of the seminar are to:

(a) Review latest advancements. Provide a detailed overview of the cutting-edge technologies and innovations in the field of military surveillance and electro-optics.

(b) Facilitate Collaboration. Bring together armed forces and the defense industry to facilitate meaningful discussions, enabling them to better understand each other's requirements and capabilities.

(c) Knowledge Exchange. Foster a platform for knowledge exchange, where participants can share experiences,bestpractices,andlessonslearned.

(d) Research & Development Showcase. Highlight the latest developments in research and development, encouraging collaboration between academic institutions, research organizations, and industryplayers.

4. The Embassy is of the view that, this would be an excellent opportunity for Italian companies in defence sector to interact with the Indian companies/stakeholders.

5. For more details please check the broucheurat

6. You may also contact the Commercial Wing of the Embassy of India, Rome through its e-mail IDs ie com.rome@mea.gov.in, com2.rome@mea.gov.in and  commercial1.rome@mea.gov.in.


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