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Resumption of appointment system for Submission of Passport Application for reissue of Normal Passport and under ongoing Amnesty scheme

Posted on: June 29, 2020 | Back | Print

Embassy of India



IMP : Appointments will be visible and open for booking online from 1000 hrs on 30th June (Tuesday) onwards

  • Please note appointments for passport application submission by normal re-issue applicants and amnesty scheme applicants can be booked on any working day from Monday to Friday only for timings between 0930am to 1pm

If your passport is expired or lost and you want to obtain a new passport please book an appointment as follows:

  1. Open https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in/ and select the region/country as Italy.

  2. If new user, register by clicking on "REGISTER" link on right hand side of webpage.

  3. Select "Italy-Rome" in the drop-down box against Embassy/Consulate in the first column/field of the Register form.

  4. If already registered, then login with the registered login ID and Password using "User Login" link on right hand side of webpage.

  5. After logging in, the APPLICANT HOME, webpage will open.

  6. On that click on “MANAGE APPOINTMENT” link to schedule an appointment to visit the Embassy/Consulate.


Download complete guidelines below: