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Press Release- Festival of Deepawali

Posted on: October 31, 2014 | Back | Print

This year, for the first time in Italy, the Festival of Deepawali was celebrated officially with participation from Senators and Deputies of the Italian Parliament. The festivities were organized by the Italian Hindu Union, an organization that has been working towards promotion and popularizing of Hinduism in Italy. The celebration was held at one of the prestigious buildings belonging to the Senate. Among those who were present and spoke on the occasion included President of the Italian Hindu Union, Senators, Deputies and representatives from various Ministries and Provincial authorities. In their remarks, the speakers reiterated the message of peace, prosperity and victory of good over evil that the festival of Deepawali symbolizes. A special message by Ms. Laura Boldrini, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies was also read out at the event.

Due to persistent efforts made by the Indian community in Italy, including the Italian Hindu Union, Hinduism has now been accorded official recognition by the Italian State. In December 2012, the Italian Parliament ratified the agreement between the Italian State and the Italian Hindu Union thereby according recognition to the Sanatan Dharma. The Agreement provides an opportunity to promote study and research of the ancient philosophical and religion traditions of Hinduism. It also provides that Deepawali is now recognized as the official festival of Hindus in Italy.