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A showcase for Goa in Milan

Posted on: March 17, 2015 | Back | Print

Photo:Shri Basant K. Gupta, Ambassador of India to  Rome, Manish Prabhat, Consul General of India, Milan, Chilka Gangadhar, Director, India Tourist Office, Milan and Jose Roque Gracias Flor, Ministry of Tourism, Goa

Goa is India’s smallest state and is located on the Western coast in the region called Konkan.  During one of the socialite events in Milan ( with ambassadors, consuls and other VIPs) organized by airline companies, tour operators and travel agencies, on Tuesday, 10th March 2015, Goa displayed its undeniable tourist appeal as an attractive destination for both the tourist and the traveler.  We are in fact talking about a “ different India” , mysterious but at the same time a seaside resort, exotic but also a litlle bit European ( the presence of the Portuguese for many centuries, from XVI to XX) offering  interesting  proposals to those who, after a walk on the beach,  want to visit  an old church or a heritage building ( one cannot spend all his time just rubbing suntan lotion…)

Shri Basant K. Gupta, Indian Ambassadot to Rome,  Manish Prabhat, Consul General of India, Milan, Chilka Gangadhar, Director, India Tourist Office Milan, Jose Roque Gracias Flor, Director, Ministry of Tourism of Goa were present at the event. The   atmosphere, during the presentation, was that of an amusing jumble:  Indian music and dance performances  but also   a small orchestra playing ” O Sole Mio” (no matter the singer looked like Elvis Presley more than Caruso) and other songs of the Portuguese tradition, churches built by Portuguese Jesuits but also endless beaches for lovers walking hand in hand. The organizers ( of the state tourist department) did a good a job.

So let’s all go to Goa ( for an intelligent trip to a seaside resort)!

by Gian Paolo Bonomi (da MondoInTasca- http://www.mondointasca.org/)