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Invitation for Startup20 Goa Sankalpana || 3rd and 4th June 2023 || Italy

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The G20 India Presidency is organizing the Third Meeting of the Startup20 Engagement Group named “Startup20 Goa Sankalpana” which will take place in-person in Goa on 03 and 04 June 2023 at Hotel Grand Hyatt, Bambolim, Goa.

2. The Goa Sankalpana event by Startup20 under the Presidency of G20 will feature a ‘Startup Showcase’. This event will bring together startups and innovative ideas from across the country, providing a platform for them to showcase their work and ideas to the delegates of participating G20 Countries as well as prominent entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts.

3. This will help to create a more dynamic startup ecosystem in India, which is crucial for the growth and development of the country's economy. The Startup Showcase will feature startups from a range of sectors, including technology, healthcare, education, and agriculture, among others. The startups will present their ideas and innovations through presentations, demos, and interactive exhibits. This will allow attendees to get a firsthand experience of the products and services being offered by these startups and interact with the founders to learn more about their businesses.

4. The event will provide critical inputs and insights for the G20 Startup20 policy framework and finalisation of the Startup20 Communique based on the expertise and experience in-country towards promoting startups and the growth and sustenance of startups. Apart from cross learning from G20 nations and invited member nations, aiming to explore action-oriented collaborations such as, finance frameworks, the creation of funds, innovation networks, an online global portal for narrative building and spotlight of startups solving for sustainability etc. These actions are aimed to be jointly executed with member countries.

5. This would be a great opportunity for Italian companies interested in expanding their businesses in India to understand more about dynamic startup ecosystem in India.

6. The event is open to participation upon registration. To register, please see the link :- https://www.startup20india2023.org/register. For more information/queries on the engagement group you may please contactat startup20.g20@investindia.org.in / aim-startup20@nic.in

7. The Commerce Wing of Embassy of India, Rome can be contacted for any further assistance and facilitation through its email IDs com.rome@mea.gov.incom2.rome@mea.gov.in and commercial1.rome@mea.gov.in.

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