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Press Release - Memorandum of Understanding between Orientale University and ICCR

Posted on: April 23, 2021 | Back | Print

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), New Delhi and the University of Naples L’Orientale was signed on 22.04.2021, by the Ambassador of India, Dr Neena Malhotra on behalf of ICCR and the Vice-Chancellor (Rector), Prof Roberto Tottoli, respectively.

The signing ceremony was held at the historical Palazzo Du Mesnil, of the L’Orientale University in the presence of a delegation of professors from the Department for Asia, Africa and Mediterraneum and academic authorities of Orientale.

Through this MoU, the two Institutions renewed their cooperation and decided to finalize the agreement for the establishment and functioning of a short-term ICCR Chair in the University in Naples from 2021 to 2026. The present MoU is in continuation of an earlier similar Memorandum signed in Rome in February 2016, which expired earlier in the year and was extremely fruitful in giving a boost to an already rich teaching offer.

L’Orientale University is the oldest school of Oriental Studies in Europe with a rich tradition in languages, cultural and social studies, as well as the scientific and fervent rigour of its academicians. Its committment towards the teaching, study and research on Hindi language and Indian subjects has been pivotal in the finalization of the Agreement.

The ICCR Chair for Hindi Language is expected to visit the University of Naples L’Orientale soon to take part in the Hindi teaching Course as well as in other activities such as departmental seminars, conferences, faculty meetings etc. While in Italy, the Hindi Professor is expected to hold Conferences and Seminars in collaboration with other institutions.

ICCR has been establishing Chairs of Indian Studies since the 70's at various foreign universities with the aim of generating interest in India amongst foreign students as well as creating greater understanding about India and Indian civilization amongst the global community of academic and thought leaders. As noted by ICCR, the impact of the Chairs is such that the scholars deputed to teach abroad not only teach courses on various aspects of Indian studies but also leave pronounced footprints all over the world and thus help in a better understanding of India as a whole.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Rector and the professors conveyed their thanks to ICCR for the agreement and congratulated India for the launch of Guru App for learning Sanskrit language. On the occasion of the Signing Ceremony, a series of forthcoming collaborations and future projects were also discussed.

April 23, 2021